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Personal Exercise Programmes

Your exercise programme will complement your physiotherapy treatment and will consist of:

  • stretching exercises
  • exercises to correct muscle imbalances
  • normal movement exercises
  • balance / co-ordination exercises
  • muscle control exercises

Exercise Groups

Exercise groups provided:

  • chair based
  • falls prevention
  • hydrotherapy
  • condition based ( paediatric, MS, stroke etc.)

Pre & Post Natal Exercise

Physiotherapy Jaipur’ pre and post-natal pilates classes have been specifically designed by our physiotherapists to:

  • improve your deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle strength (helping to achieve a flatter tummy)
  • improve your strength and muscle tone
  • improve your flexibility
  • improve your posture
  • help develop your baby’s gross motor development
  • reduce pre-birth and post-birth pain
  • reduce the occurrence of incontinence and pelvic floor discomfort
  • assist labour and reduce post-birth complications

Fall Prevention Programmes

Individuals with neurological conditions are often at an increased risk of falls. Individuals with other conditions can also be at risk of falling. It is estimated that one third of over 65’s are at risk of falling each year. Falls are a major cause of ill health for older people and account for 62% of all fatal injuries in people aged 65 and above. Many people believe that falls are a normal part of ageing but there are numerous ways in which the risk of falls can be reduced.

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